Chakradance Bay Area workshop

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We invite you into the unique experience
of Chakradance Bay Area

Chakradance is a way to integrate body, mind and spirit in free flowing movements.  This blend of movement, with particular frequencies of sound, can free the energies in your body and open you to a deeper experience of life.

Our invitation is for you to experience the harmony that emerges from deep within.  You will be lifted into being by the dance you create yourself; for in Chakradance you shape the dance as much as the dance shapes you.  It is our hope that you find what thousands of others have found –  the unraveling of blocked energy, and a sense of ease in an uneasy world.

We can often be caught in the fragmented rush of daily activities.  The noises of life clamor in a backdrop of commuter traffic, deadlines and the next ‘to do’ on the list.  Unique harmonies lie dormant and unheard. It is easy then, to drift unconsciously out of sync with your true essence and lose a sense of purpose and meaning.

 You might feel like you are dancing as fast as you can, only to collapse in exhaustion at the end of the day.

This disconnection between body and spirit leaves you depleted and drained, left feeling discontent without knowing why.

All the while, buried just under the surface is a tune that calls you to experience more . . . live more, BE more.

Come join the dance. Come see how to find a way to relate differently to the world within you and around you.

Come and perceive the true beauty of each moment through fresh eyes, through lightness and joy.  Come and experience the replenishing beauty of Chakradance.