Some have created a successful and profitable businesses but have reached a plateau. They know they need systems, processes, and support required to reach that next level, but they lack the guidance and surety they so desperately need.

While others have the drive and passion but have yet to reach their financial goals. Questioning their abilities to sustain themselves throughout the tricky maneuverings of managing a business.

What do all my clients have in common? They aspire to build a life and business of their dreams. They are looking for techniques, systems, and shortcuts to avoid pitfalls, so they’re able to courageously run their dream business.

Ultimately, they’re aiming to build an empire while living a meaningful and fulfilling life.

But everything that’s worth having in life requires risk.

And to live without it means not living at all. Risks are meant to stretch, confront, and reveal what we’re truly made of. Risks require bravery, vision, and conviction. It separates those who complain from those who attain. It’s both our fierce tormentor and greatest motivator.

But the biggest risk you can take… is doing nothing at all.

Every decision, no matter how big or small, thrusts ourselves forward. It’s when we hesitate, hold back, and deny ourselves opportunity do we create setbacks and misfortune. Subsequently, the costs of our inactions outweigh the costs of our actions.

Now is the time to act.

To shift our perspectives and redefine what it means to take risks.

Now is the time to align ourselves with intention, instead of happenstance. To expect opportunity, rather than calamity. Empires are led by the brave and masterfully created by the bold.

I’m Cheryl Pierce and I’m a nurse entrepreneur, Founder of Skinworx San Francisco and Ageless Beauty Skin Clinic, Inc.

I’m also a Certified High Performance Coach and creator of the Confidence Mastery in Life and Business, The Confident Entrepreneur Program, The Confident Entrepreneur Monthly, and two Live events; Alignment Accelerator and The 3 Day MBA.

I believe confidence is vital in this magical element called happiness. Self-confidence is essential for success in every aspect of our lives. It’s not something we’re born with but something that can be developed.

I believe that with self-confidence, you can accomplish every goal you set for yourself and will help you overcome fears and tackle challenges.

I believe Confidence can transform a dreamer into a doer — a person of action . . . someone who sets their sights on goals and achieves their mission.

I bring a unique approach to coaching, speaking, and transformation by combining my skill set as an aesthetic nurse, wound care nurse and a successful entrepreneur.

I understand the importance of developing a deep level of self-confidence. Starting off painfully shy and insecure, I suffered from depression throughout my teenage years, anxiety and panic attacks during my adult life. Although that was my journey, it wasn’t my destination.

Through commitment and self-mastery, I was able to blossom into a courageous, confident, and unstoppable woman that I am today. Once you fully embrace that higher level of confidence that awaits, you can finally build the life you truly love and make your vision a reality.