Love Rose Quartz Spray

Rose Quartz gem elixir is the stone of the sacred heart and it invokes self-acceptance, acceptance of others, self-awareness and generosity.


Bliss Amethyst Spray

Amethyst gem elixir expands the crown chakra and helps you tap into the oneness of the divine. Feel the joy and gratitude that envelops you.


Trio of Sprays

Harmonize your mind, body and space with Love, Peace and Bliss. Spray in home or around your body and invite in joy and reset your mood.


Aromatherapy Remedies


Turquoise gem elixir represents strength and balance or grounding. It counteracts exhaustion, panic and unhappiness.


Energy+ gemfleur enhanced aromatherapy

Diamond gem elixir amplifies joy and delight. It counteracts fatigue and exhaustion.



Lapis Lazuli gem elixir activates the higher mind and enhances clarity and memory. 



Rainbow moonstone elixir aids in calm sleep and lucid dreaming. It deflects negativity and eases emotional stress.